There's not been a tougher time to get into your first home

But with Catapult Homes’ ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ offer, you might be able to get into your home much earlier than you think! Catapult Homes’ offering you up to $15,000 in Deposit Assistance to help you make your first step toward home ownership. Find out how it works, who we are, and how we reward you below!

Catapult Homes who?

Catapult Homes is all about helping Australians achieve their dream of home ownership. Our advice is based on economics and years of experience in property and finance.

We believe in the importance of sustainable and environmentally conscious building, and smart technology for the future, and championing the First Home Buyer Squad!

That’s why we’ve developed a pretty special way for you to enter the market in your desired location.

Build your first home with just $2,000 deposit!

We’ll guide you through the finance, construction and handover until you move in. Focus on your new home, while we handle the tedious stuff.

So do I qualify for the $2,000 Deposit Solution?

$2,000 in savings
Full-time, Part-time or Casual employment
A 6-month rental history
A clear credit history
To be an Australian citizen or permanent resident.

*If you do not satisfy all of these requirements, we might still be able to custom a solution for you!

How does
it work?

$2k savings

First Home Owner Grant

Catapult Property Group Deposit Assistance

into your
first home in
5 steps.

Start your journey to home
ownership with us and achieve
your long term goals. We know
your journey might not end with
just one home.

we've built in

The last 6 months

  • City of Brisbane
  • City of Gold Coast
  • City of Ipswich
  • Lockyer Valley Region
  • Northern New South Wales
  • Logan City
  • Moreton Bay region
  • Redland City
  • Sunshine Coast Region


Common home ownership myths, debunked.

We’re busting myths about first home ownership that you might
hear on your property journey.

You need a 20% deposit to buy your first home

You may have heard that you need at least a 20% deposit to enter the property market – plus fees. For a $450,000 home, this would mean you need nearly $100,000 in a bank account before you can purchase.
This is not true. It is often advised by some ‘experts’ simply so you avoid mortgage insurance, payable if you don’t have the 20% deposit. Mortgage insurance on a $450,000 home purchase with a minimal deposit usually ranges from $7,000 to $14,000. So, instead of aiming to save a potentially unattainable amount of $100,000 for a 20% deposit over many years – while property prices continue to climb – this amount is simply added to your mortgage.

You should wait for the housing market to crash like it did in America and then buy a bargain

The Global Financial Crisis was nearly 10 years ago, and the Australian property market was able to withstand that event. The property market in Australia is completely different to that of many other countries. Australia has a growing population from immigration, and the price of properties is driven by many factors including the demand.
With an average annual growth of over 8% for the last 40 years, property still makes for a sound investment.

Don't buy. Keep renting because it's cheaper

From time to time, an ‘expert’ will make the claim that renting and investing your savings can be more financially beneficial than owning your own home. This may be true in some very rare cases, but it would require you to have a carefully managed financial plan that you researched, implemented and stuck to when you were young.
Many young Australians do not possess the financial skills to manage this, and would likely end up a lot worse if they followed this advice. Owning your own home has many financial benefits, like being exempt from capital gains tax. More importantly, it offers security and a strong financial base for you to build wealth upon.

It's too hard to get into the market after renting, with the ongoing cost making it unaffordable

It is crucial that you obtain professional advice when you buy your new home, so you understand the costs relating to the purchase and owning the home before completing the sale.

Infrastructure Projects that are Driving
South East Queensland's Economy

A sound opportunity to buy a home with growth potential, positioned to
benefit from significant infrastructure investment.

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